Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the different types of tanning bed lamps?

  • High Pressure Lamps (behind filter glass)
  • Low Pressure Facial Lamps
  • Low Pressure Tanning Lamps

2) Tell me about High Pressure Lamps.

High Pressure Lamps are behind filter glass. They are commonly used for facial tanning, but also used for body tanning.

3) What are some common High Pressure Lamp wattages?

250w, 400w, 400w+, 500w, 600w, 800w, 1000w, 1000w+, 1510w, 1200w, & 2000w

4) What are High Pressure Lamp end types?

  • Contact – clips in like toilet paper holder
  • Wire Lead – have wires on each end
  • Plug-In – plug in on one end

5) Tell me about Low Pressure Facial Lamps.

Low Pressure Facial Lamps are also referred to as Spaghetti Facials. These lamps go in between the larger lamps in some tanning units.

6) What are common Low Pressure Facial Lamp sizes?

  • 21″ Bi-Pin 25w
  • 18″ Bi-Pin 40w
  • 18″ Bi-Pin 25w
  • 12″ Bi-Pin 10w

7) Tell me about Low Pressure Tanning Lamps.

Low Pressure Tanning Lamps are used to tan the body.

8) What are common Low Pressure Tanning Lamps end types?

  • Bi-Pin – 2 pins on both ends (use starters)
  • RDC Cap – black cap on both ends of lamp (do not use starters)

9) What are common Low Pressure Tanning Lamps classifications and wattages?

  • HO (high output) – 80/100w
  • VHO (very high output) – 160w
  • VHR® (very high reflector) – 160/180/200w
  • VSR® (very strong reflector) – 160w
  • VHOR® (very high output reflector) – 160w

10) What are common Low Pressure Tanning Lamp sizes?

  • F-59 (Bi-Pin – 80w)
  • F-71 (Bi-Pin –100/160w)
  • F-72 (RDC – 100/160w)
  • F-73 (RDC – 100/160w)
  • F-78/2.0m (Bi-pin – 160-200w)

11) What is a reflector tanning unit (tanning bed)?

A tanning unit with a reflector system has a shiny shield behind the lamps that the UV light bounces off.

12) How can I find out what type of lamp I have?

Lamp information such as size, brand and wattage are usually found on the lamp. If not, information may be found on the back of the tanning unit; there is a silver sticker or tab with a list of compatible lamps. The information may also be found on the exposure schedule label; usually found on the canopy of the tanning unit.

13) How longs do tanning lamps last?

The rated life on lamps will vary depending on the manufacturer and type of lamp. Check your individual lamp information for details on each lamp’s rated life.

14) I need lamps. Where do I get them?

PC Tan has Everything but the sun. Just call PC Tan at 1 800 FAST TAN (1 800 327 8826) or send an email to

PC Tan carries its own private label lamps—Eternal Sun®— as well as lamps from many other manufacturers. Eternal Sun Lamps give a high quality bronze tan at an economic price.

Eternal Sun Lamps are registered equivalents for most tanning lamp types.

PC Tan carries lamps from many other manufacturers including: Cosmedico®, Wolff System®, Heraeus®, Light Sources®, as well others.


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