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Experience Comes in Handy

October 18th, 2019

Bruce Williams, Vice President of Technical Service, PC Tan

Even if you have a resident “handyman” in your tanning business, a little extra experience and expertise can certainly come in handy when it comes to your most valuable equipment. With more than 35 years experience working with multiple generations of equipment, PC Tan Vice President of Technical Service Bruce Williams can use his world-class understanding to help teach salons the ins and outs of both new and old equipment, and diagnose issues that would leave others clueless. In this Smart Tan exclusive interview, he details how he and the PC Tan team provide optimal ongoing service for their partner salons.

Q: Why have you become so passionate about indoor tanning equipment?

I was around the early days of tanning growth and it was a fun business. I started doing quality control with equipment coming from Germany. We would get it in and open it up and quality control wring and lamps, test timers and pack them up. That’s where I started I leered the equipment from quality control. When it didn’t work, we would troubleshoot and service.

From there, I worked my way up to installation, and I would go out and install the equipment and train salon owners how to use it. I did that a dew years and worked up to service tech, repairing equipment. As the years progressed and the equipment got more sophisticated, there was always something to learn, so it stayed fascinating and exciting. It turned into a career, where it started as a part time thing. I definitely grew a passion for it.

From there, [PC Tan CEO] Susan [Miller] opened her business in ’86 and I’ve been with her from then onward. It’s gratifying work because the service side can easily turn into the complaint side, but the part I enjoy is we have the ability to turn that into a good thing. With our experience, we can help a salon out, and we have the ability to correct the bad part over the telephone typically. We can turn a bad situation into a good situation, and that’s enjoyable everyday.

Redefining the Tanning Experience: KBL 7900 Alpha Deluxe from PC Tan

September 1st, 2019

The presentation, the features, the results – brilliant is the only word to describe the KBL 7900 Alpha Deluxe from PC Tan. By simply being in its presence, tanners know they have stumbled onto something utopian. Help them indulge in an experience that wipes away chaos with relaxing amenities. Even more than a tanning bed, the 7900 Alpha Deluxe is a bright, peaceful destination that your customers will look forward to from the moment they leave it.

More is Better

The 7900 Alpha is all about more. More lights, more power, more tan. With total lamp wattage of 11,780w, there won’t be a square millimeter of underutilized space. Thirty canopy lights – including four 500w facials and six p2 lamps – provide ample coverage in the spacious bed. Paired with two shoulder lamps and 24 lounge lamps, it offers a perfect tan at any angle.

Even at first glance, the sunbed welcomes users with a tantalizing light show. Having colorMotion installed, you are only a few clicks away from your own favorite color concept. 

Take Your Pick

If you want crowd-pleasing equipment, give your clients a bed that allows them to create a tanning experience as unique as they are. PreSelection allows users to choose from many options before the session begins. AquaCool provides a refreshing mist using non-drop nozzles in the canopy. Aroma unleashes a wave of euphoria through two fragrances.. Air conditioning completes the trifecta of absolute comfort. For the manual features of the bed, megaVoice assists tanners to keep the user experience easy.

Listen Up

 With all this luxury, the cherry on top is the ability to let users listen to their own carefully collected music as they gracefully graduate on the bronze scale. Plug in an SD card or an MP3 player to quickly transform the solarium into a concert hall. The unit’s volume control makes adjustments easy.

Bring this top-of-the-line sunbed to your salon for an upgrade bed your clients will drool over. For more information about the KBL 7900 Alpha Deluxe, call PC Tan at 800-FASTTAN (327-8826) or visit

Tech Specs

Length: 94″ 
Width: 57″ 
Height: 82″ 

Facial Reflectors: 
Parabolic Glass

Electronic – CPI

10 minute T-Max® compatible

4 wire, 3 phase, 230v, 50amp; available in single phase at 80 amp

Save the Date! 2020 PC Tan Expo Dates Announced

April 10th, 2019

We’re pleased to announce that you can now mark your calendars for the 2020 PC Tan Expo. The indoor tanning industry’s premier event will be held at the Hilton Hasbrouck Heights, in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, on Feb. 7-8, 2020.

The 2020 PC Tan Expo will feature the latest tanning, sunless and wellness equipment, brand new lotion, expert speakers, sunless certification and much more. The Hilton Hasbrouck Heights is easily accessible and just 30 minutes from Manhattan, New York.

Check back soon for more details and registration information.

A Little Something Extra

February 14th, 2019

KBL 7000 Alpha extraSun from PC Tan

Even the best things in life can use an update from time to time. With the same frame as the renowned KBL 7900 and 6800, a redesigned exterior and enhanced features, the KBL 7000 Alpha extraSun is a new take on classic performance that presents itself as a whole new experience.  

Something Different

Everybody already knows what to expect from KBL units in regards to performance and comfort, but the 7000 Alpha really makes its mark with a refaced exterior that strikes customers as something completely different.  Its LED light panels increase output for an even more remarkable first impression. But, even on the exterior, the updates aren’t just for show. Tanning experience options are now selected on a dramatic 13-inch touchscreen – the first of its kind in the industry. 

See to Believe

Fifty-two total lamps with 10,980 total wattage provide top-of-the-line tanning power. The p2 pigment lamps and CPI, for equal output for the life of the lamp, ensure consistent, extraordinary results for the consumer and heightened efficiency for the operator. But, the little something extra in this new unit is enhanced illumination for the upper body and face area, yet another first for the industry. 

Choose Luxury

A completely customizable experience is the key to ultimate comfort with the 7000 Alpha. AAA comfort – aquaCool, aroma and airConditioning – is refreshing as ever and selected simply on the visually appealing touchscreen before the session. megaVoice guides guests conveniently through the session, without too much interruption of their tunes, played conveniently from the unit or from the user’s phone, connected seamlessly via Bluetooth.

All in all, the KBL 7000 Alpha extraSun provides a stunning new addition to the world’s most impressive line of tanning beds, with the tanning prowess and comfort you’d expect, and a little something extra that makes a big difference. 

For more information, contact PC Tan at 800-FAST-TAN or

PC Tan Expo Invigorates Optimistic Crowd

February 12th, 2019

Beautiful weather, a remarkable venue, and industry optimism set the stage for a spectacular experience, and the tanning industry’s premier event once again exceeded all expectations. A packed house of hundreds of tanning business owners, staff and vendors brought energy, excitement and positive vibes to the 2019 PC Tan Expo at the Hilton Hasbrouck Heights, just outside of New York City, on Feb. 9.

Attendees got a step up on the competition with great deals on equipment and products, advice from industry leaders from every aspect of the business, and an additional boost in enthusiasm from networking with their tanning peers.

“There was a real feeling of optimism in the air about the direction the industry is headed,” says PC Tan CEO Susan Miller. “That attitude was certainly boosted by all the exciting new equipment and product options, inspiring presentations from prominent industry figures, and a reminder of how much fun working in this business can be.”

The highest revenue-generating KBL tanning beds were on full display alongside the best the industry has to offer in sunless and wellness equipment and tanning products. Salon owners were eager to take advantage of the best deals of the year on game-changing units from KBL and Sportarredo, sunless and wellness equipment, tanning lotions, products and accessories. Attendees also got the chance to experience first-hand the magnificence of the brand new KBL 7000 Alpha extraSun, as well as the Cryo XR Cryotherapy Chamber from Cryo Innovations.

The high energy infused the main stage, where attendees enjoyed presentations from some of the industry’s biggest names. American Suntanning Association Executive Director Matt Russell roused the crowd with an introductory message and delivered a full update on the salon association’s efforts to strengthen the industry. Keynote Speaker Dennis Ligon, owner of 21 Sundays Sun Spa Shop locations in Virginia, provided an inspiring message about the obstacles he and others have overcome to achieve success. Reality TV celebrity and the face of her own tanning line, Jenni “JWOWW” Farley, created some additional buzz, taking time to meet and greet and take photos with attendees.

PC Tan Vice President of Sales Paul Manke also took the stage and introduced some attendees that have made monumental impacts on their businesses by investing in flagship sunbeds from KBL in recent years.

“There’s nothing we value more than hearing from our salon partners about how the equipment we’ve helped them select has made such a tremendous difference for their businesses,” Miller says. “So, we wanted all of the other attendees to also have the chance to hear about their experiences directly.”

Dozens of attendees also walked away with raffle drawing prizes, highlighted by a KBL hurricane stand-up tanning unit, worth $14,000, that went to Michael & Grace Dzembo, owners of Vibes Tanning Salon in Green Island, NY. Other prizes included a Norvell Handheld Spray Machine & Kit, Smart TVs, Apple Air Pods, gift certificates from PC Tan and other leading vendors, and much more.

PC Tan looks forward to helping all tanning businesses maintain optimism and enhance success throughout 2019 and beyond. We are also pleased to announce that you can also mark your calendars for the 2020 PC Tan Expo that will once again be held at the beautiful Hilton Hasbrouck Heights on February 7th and 8th.

Call 800-FAST-TAN today, and let PC Tan help you grow your business.

All the Best Equipment, Products and More in the 2019 PC Tan Catalog

November 29th, 2018

You’ll find everything your business needs and your clients want in 2019 in the brand new PC Tan Catalog, available now in print and online at

If you have not received your catalog in the mail or would like online access, please submit a request at

For over 30 years, PC Tan has provided the most comprehensive selection of tanning beds, tanning lamps, lotions, parts and accessories to the indoor tanning industry. The annual catalog showcases all that PC Tan has to offer and makes selecting and purchasing the right options easy.

“The 2019 catalog introduces new equipment options that can revolutionize your business, as well as the new lotions and spray tan products that will reenergize your clientele,” says PC Tan CEO Susan Miller.

“Having all of that in one place, and our experienced staff just one call or click away, allows you to focus more time on improving the other aspects of your business that will make a big difference in the New Year.”

Along with lotions, lamps and accessories from dozens of industry-leading brands, the catalog features all the details on the most progressive and technologically superior equipment from KBL and Sportarredo and the Cocoon Wellness Pro. That includes the latest game-changing introduction: the powerful and feature-loaded KBL 7000 extraSun.

Download or request your catalog today at, or call 1-800-FAST-TAN to discuss how we can improve your business together in 2019.

Invest in the Best: Adding a flagship sunbed is a proven game changer for independent salons

August 9th, 2018

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Get Your 2018 PC Tan Catalog!

December 11th, 2017

The best new equipment, products and accessories for your business are at your fingertips in the 2018 PC Tan Catalog, available now in print and online at

If you have not received your catalog in the mail or would like online access, please submit a request at

For over 30 years, PC Tan has provided the most comprehensive selection of tanning beds, tanning lamps, lotions, parts and accessories to the indoor tanning industry. The annual catalog showcases all that PC Tan has to offer and makes selecting and purchasing the right options easy.

“Our catalog has everything your business will need in 2018 in one place, providing unmatched convenience for our salon partners,” says PC Tan CEO Susan Miller. “We’re thrilled to roll out all the amazing new equipment and product options that will help you thrive in the year to come.”

Along with lotions, lamps and accessories from dozens of industry-leading brands, the catalog features all the details on the most progressive and technologically superior equipment from KBL, Sportarredo and Wellness USA.

Download or request your catalog today, and start researching the tanning and wellness equipment that will redefine your business in 2018!


Stand-Out Standup: KBL pureEnergy 5.0

November 8th, 2017

Need something to help your business stand out from the crowd? Adding the KBL pureENERGY 5.0 from PC Tan to your tanning business is one sure way to “stand up” to your competition and draw in clients looking for a next-level tanning experience.

It’s a new generation. Power has always been cool, and with total lamp wattage of 10,400 and 10-minute maximum sessions, the pureENERGY 5.0 certainly isn’t lacking there. But in 2018 there’s nothing cooler than energy efficiency. This unit provides both, with High Power Efficiency electronic ballasts for more power while reducing energy consumption and heat development. The new-age experience continues as megaVoice technology guides tanners through a perfect experience every time, and they manage the additional functions on the easy-to-use, hygienic, scratch-resistant LCD glass touchscreen.

The inherent benefits of a standup booth, coupled with advanced features, deliver first-class comfort. Everything is faster in the future, and the pureENERGY 5.0’s 10-minute sessions are no exception. ACS intelligent technology ensures a gentle startup and soft shutdown, and the powerful bodyCool fan neutralizes the heat and maintains a soothing zone during tanning sessions. Mind and body are always at ease with great tunes controlled with MP3, SD card audio system and volume control with optional Bluetooth connectivity.

You will finally get those base-level tanners to open up their wallets when they step in the salon and experience the “wow” factor of the pureENERGY 5.0. Just leave the tanning room doors open and let its 7-color LED exterior illumination draw them into the future of tanning. Once they see that the advanced tanning features match the futuristic design, they’ll be too pleased to go back to the normal sunbeds, and you’ll be thrilled with the difference it makes in revenue.

For more information, contact PC Tan at 800-327-8826 or

Raise Your Expectations: The KBL 6800

August 24th, 2017
The KBL 6800 Alpha Pearl proves tanning technology just got a little brighter. Powerful features combine with a gorgeously artistic exterior for a unit that sets high expectations at first glance, and then exceeds them all.

As anyone who’s ever interviewed for a job or been on a blind date knows, first impressions matter. And the KBL 6800 will never disappoint, with distinctive lines, a footprint that exudes power, and eye-catching colorMotion exterior lights that allow you to customize an unparalleled color design. As soon as a client lays eyes on it, their perception of your business will be heightened.

Even with the exceptional aesthetics of the 6800, KBL units always follow the motto of form over function. You can rest assured that the machine’s performance will surpass the lofty expectations set by its appearance. Total lamp wattage of 10,980 will transcend the tanning needs of even your most demanding clients. Four 500w facial lamps, facial reflectors and two 250w shoulder lamps provide the type of results that can’t be overlooked.

In the modern era of tanning, performance extends well beyond tanning prowess; comfort and style are more important than ever to client experiences. The 6800’s AAA comfort, including aquaCool, aroma and air conditioning, sends tanners into euphoria each session. Bluetooth connectivity and a MP3, SD card audio system with volume control allows them to bring their own vibes to their session, while megaVoice technology instructs users for an easy experience.

For business owners, efficiency and reliability are equally as important as tanning power and features. That’s why the 6800 offers a 200w Electronic Ballast with CPI that eases maintenance requirements and ensures equal output throughout the life of the lamp. Service bay LED lighting also allows for optimal ease of maintenance when necessary.

Integrating the KBL 6800 Alpha Pearl in your tanning business will raise your expectations of tanning equipment and your client’s expectations of the tanning experiences they desire. For more information, call PC Tan at 800-FASTTAN (327-8826).